High School Graduate Profiles

Select a state, region, division, or the nation to view key high school graduate trends below. Best viewed on a tablet or desktop. Hover and click on charts to see additional data details. Options for downloading as PDF or image file are at the bottom of the page. If you are experiencing technical difficulties please contact us at knocking@wiche.edu.

Download Profile PDFs

High school graduate profiles for the nation, regions, and states can be downloaded using the dropdowns below. Please note that the geography selected above does not carry over to these selections. Due to data limitations, a complete profile for Puerto Rico high school graduates is not available but a modified profile can be viewed using the ‘States’ dropdown below.

Nation and Regions

Regional Divisions


The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) provides these data and tools for public research purposes. We strongly recommend that users review the published Technical Appendix for important information about data sources and methodology. Any use or works resulting from analysis of the provided data must be attributed as Source: Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, Knocking at the College Door: Projections of High School Graduates, 2020, www.knocking.wiche.edu. By using these data, you acknowledge that WICHE is not liable for their use and bears no responsibility for the interpretations presented or conclusions reached based on analysis of the data.