High School Graduate Trends: (How) Can Northeast Colleges Thrive as Student Populations Contract?

Learn strategies to respond to the changing demographics in the Northeast from the largest comprehensive system of higher education in the US. The State University of New York (SUNY) is comprised of 64 campuses spread across New York and each year serves nearly 600,000 students in credit-bearing courses.  Through the strategic use of data and creating a $50+ million performance improvement fund, SUNY has been supporting campuses to survive and thrive in a changing student environment.

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Building off WICHE’s depiction of high school graduate trends for the next 15 years, Teresa Foster, Senior Assistant Provost and Interim Director of SUNY’s Office of Institutional Research and Data Analytics, provided insights into how the system is using data to drive change and Carey Hatch, SUNY’s Interim Senior Associate Provost for Academic Services discussed how SUNY is supporting campuses in responding to changing demographics. 

This webinar was co-sponsored by WICHE and SUNY’s SAIL Institute.