New Data Show More Positive Trend for Private High School Graduates

In the year since the release of WICHE’s ninth edition of high school graduate projections, which spans school years between 2013-14 and 2031-32, more recent sets of the source data that underlie the projections have been released. The new data confirm WICHE’s overall projections that the U.S. is headed into a period of stagnation in the overall number of high school graduates it produces. But, declines in the future number of high school graduates from private religious and nonsectarian schools no longer appear imminent through at least 2018.

WICHE is not issuing new projections of private high school graduates at this time, but the newly released data are described in a new brief report and have been posted to so that users of the Knocking projections may analyze them alongside the published projections.

WICHE will continue to analyze new data about U.S. high school graduates as they become available.